• Dear passengers,

    We are on our last island, this wonderful cruise has reached the end in a very successfully way. 

    The crew wishes you had a great time sharing all the experiences together and would like to thank you for your efforts, for your learning, for your illusion, for your patience, for your creativity, for you team work, for your ideas, for your friendship ...

    Now it would be very kind of you if you give your own opinions concerning to the project, the activities, the experience. You know we preciate your opinion a lot in order to improve our future eTwinning projects.

    Here is the first task: "answergarden"  2.0 webtool will allow us to define the project in a single word.


    Once the "garden" is full of flowery words which decorate our Nutri Fit Cruise project, we have learned how to create a wordle and make a nice picture with all our opinions from Poland, Greece and Catalonia.



    ...and here is the second task: "google forms"  will help us to evaluate the project with a questionaire.

    What do pupils believe about the project? Which was the most favourite activity? Do they improve some skills and which of them? Do they have good memories?...


    Pupils read carefully the questions, took a tour to the Nutri fit cruise pages and submitted their answers.

    Are you curious enough to see what they answered?

    For this purpose, we created an Evaluation wall of charts.

    Do you want to know which are their memories sailing with the Nutri Fit Cruise and What kind od projects do they would like to develop in the future?

    Take a look at the infographic