WELCOME TO NUTRI GAMES ISLAND. Here you can have fun with your partners playing amazing games and at the same time checking how much you are learning during the Nutri fit Cruise.



     How much do you know about your body, and how to keep a healthy mind?

    Try to solve this quiz and you'll test yourself !




    Game 2: BEES QUIZ

    As an expert about bees, are you ready to compete with your partners and check who is the fastest to answer these 10 questions? Just click the link below and start playing!!!


    Click on the Kahoot game!


    Game 3: Match the pairs in Learning apps and test your memory

    Polytimi and Ozge, two of our Nutri Fit passengers, created this game to test your memory. What do you remember from the Beezy Island?

    Game 4: FOODPYRAMID with App Inventor

    Do you know MIT App Inventor? It is an innovative beginner's introduction to programming and app creation that transforms the complex language of text-based coding into visual, drag-and-drop building blocks.

    Using App Inventor in eTtwinning projects we can code and create amazing games.

    Here is a game about FoodPyramid. If you have smartphones or tablets with adroid, download and play it.

    In other case you can play it reading carefully the instructions (App Inventor guide)


    Game 5: CROSSWORD

    Do you like fruit and vegetables? We hope YES! That's why click on a beautiful Kacper's picture below and solve our crossword about the most delicious fruit and vegetables from different countries. Good luck!