A journey to Lampedusa by Anna La Micela

  • Hi, my name is Anna La Micela, last month (22-26 September )I went to Lampedusa for a project called "Cittadini del Mondo" ( citizens of the World ). This is the position of the island , located in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea and for this reason it is the first stop for migrants making their journey by choosing the navigation , in recent years this land was the scene of huge flows of migrants .These coasts, as well as whose inhabitants have attempted to ensure the utmost comfort migrants who arrived after strenuous trips also lasted weeks. Unfortunately, the trips take place on boats with precarious conditions and with little capacity than people transported for long periods of time. For this reason, often the trips become the scene of pain and death.As it happened on Oct. 3, 2013 a few kilometers from the coast of Lampedusa.  This shocking event marked forever the memory of the island and its inhabitants who have seen more than 500 people die in front of their eyes, powerless against this major pain. The island of Lampedusa,  in addition to its incredible beauty, and all its inhabitants have become for Italy and for the whole world the symbol of acceptance and sensitivity to this phenomenon.

    Anna La Micela