Hebbelschule Kiel (Germany)

  •  Kiel

    Our school is the Hebbel-school in Kiel. It has about 600 students and 50 teachers. We´re a high school with students aged 10 to 19 years. The Hebbel-school is a certified “European School”, which means that we have a lot of partnerships with other schools in Europe.  We can participate in exchanges with Finland, England, Spain, Poland and France. For the last three years we have to choose between the following specializations:

    • Science
    •  Languages  
    • Social and Political Education.

    Our school is known for the biggest assembly hall in Schleswig-Holstein and it´s successful rowing club called ,,Neptun”. In our school we use a system called I-Serv, where we can communicate with other students or teachers. In some classrooms we also have a video-projector. Our Technology club directs the stage at dramas, the runnig day and other events.

    Kiel is the capital of the state Schleswig-Holstein, which is located in northern Germany near the Baltic sea. Our city has a population of 240.832 and is known for sailing. Every June the biggest sailing event in the world, the Kiel week, is on. The Kiel week is not just sailing, it's also a kind of funfair, so there is something for everyone. In sports Kiel is known for their handball team. The THW Kiel. It's one of the best handball teams in the world.

    Kiel has some realy nice locations, for example the fjord or the park. Kiel has two botanic gardens; the Fortsbaumschule, a popular park with a restaurant; the Schreven park; the Krusenkoppel, where a event for children is while the Kiel week and a lot of other nice parks. Some of them also have a beautiful view to the water. You can walk on the Kiellinie, which is a road alog the fjord.

    The federal state Schleswig-Holstein is Germany's most northern state. It's capital city is Kiel and it´s next to both the North sea and the Baltic Sea. Schleswig-Holstein has an area of 15.800 km² and a population of 2.8 million people. Denmark is its direkt northern neighbour.

    The city council has set up various housing facilities for refugees. One of them is the Containerpark at the Nordmarksportfeld. There are 443 containers in an area of 18000m². Two people can live in each container. On the area there is also a canteen, a day nursery and a language school. The Containerpark is built for about 600 people. Our local newspaper pubplished a poster that says “REFUGEES WELCOME” and asked people to put it up in their cars or windows. Since then you can see them everywhere in the city.