Does the earth have borders? Migration and Human-Rights

Our students need to gain a deeper insight into the issue of migration in order to understand the current developments in Europe and to become active citizens. We want to collect information about modern day refugees, but also analyze literature, philosophy and history to put the present events in a bigger perspective.

7* Activity- Experiencing "An afternoon with Bakary"

June the 7th we met up with two social operators of CIDIS Foligno : Luisa and Bakary. Luisa talked about the onlus CIDIS where they work welcoming and helping migrants; Bakary described his history: his long journey from Mali to Italy, until Foligno, where actually he is working helping people looking for papers.


 We learnt lots of things... first of all as hard and horrible must be to face these kind of travels; second that there's possibility for integration. Bakary now is a part of our society.






Giacomo&Gabriele&Vincenzo's subtitles

Author: Giusi Gualtieri
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