Grombalia secondary school , Tunisia

  • Hello !

    thank you for allowing us into your private world (school, town, country) that makes us eager to visit your beautiful country.
    we invite you to discover ours and offer you the JASMINE (YASMINE) the white and fragnant flower of Tunisia ,it's the smell of our country .

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           School is our second home. Here, we spend a half of a day, here we’ve got our friends. Here, we acquire our knowledge and skills which will enable to start our adult life. Here, there is our world . 

    Grombalia High School is one of the biggest and oldest Tunisian high schools; it opened its doors in 1964–1965. in addition, Grombalia high school contains 4 levels of education : we have 1st year classes , 2nd lettres / sciences / computer sciences / economy and management classes . also , we have 3rd classes which are classified by section so we find 3rd lettres / 3rd maths / 3rd sciences / 3rd computer sciences / 3rd technology / 3rd economy and management . Finally, we have the baccalaureate classes which are classified as the 3rd classes .
    The total number of students who enrolled in Grombalia Secondary School in the school year 2015/2016 is 1868 (783 boys and 1085girls.) 
    Given its huge size and importance in the whole region, Grombalia Secondary School has no less than 136 male and female teachers. 

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     Getting an education is certainly what our students are at school for. Yet, Grombalia Secondary School students do have another good reason: being a useful member of society! Equipped with a will to help their needy school mates and a desire to give without expecting anything in return, they have shown an untiring determination to do volunteer work.
    Supervised by a number of dedicated teachers,
    Les Volontaires Du Lycée de Grombalia have done a lot for the benefit of
    their school and school fellows. Their work involves collecting old books and other school supplies at the end of every academic year to distribute them later on to students who need them to start a new school year with grateful smiles.
    But that’s not all. This group of hard-working young volunteers have also helped paint the school library and classrooms as the pictures above show. They never fail to clean the rooms and repair the broken doors, window panes and desks.

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    Grombalia is a Tunisian city located in the Nabeul Governorate in the North-East of Tunisia. Its population is 18,856hab. It’s a about forty kilometers southeast of Tunis, known mainly for its vineyards.The agricultral town celebrated on August 2015 the 56th edition of its traditional and colorful "Vineyard Festival" retracing the town's long historyof wine making since the Carthagians .  Our city is twinned with the town of Cisterna di Latina, Italy.

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    Welcome to Tunisia : welcome to a country where you will have your fill of blue sky and sunshine, where you will find extraordinary heritage and original traditions , where you will enjoy amazing landscapes , a welcoming desert and a twinkling sea .

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       The history of Tunisia is very rich in prehistory to the present day.The important elements of Tunisian culture are diverse and represent a unique, mixed heritage.

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         The Bardo National Museum

    The museum's building was originally a 15th-century Hafsid palace, located in the suburbs of Tunis.

    The Bardo is one of the most important museums of the Mediterranean basin and the second on the African continent . It traces the history of Tunisia over several millennia and through many civilizations through a wide variety of archaeological pieces. Being in the former palace, it offers many major works discovered since the beginnings of archaeological research in the country. it brings together one of the finest and largest collections of Roman mosaics in the world .The mosaics represent a unique source for research on everyday life in Roman Africa.

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    Tunisian cuisine is a blend of Mediterranean cuisine and desert dweller's culinary traditions. Its distinctive spicy fieriness comes from neighbouring Mediterranean countries and the many civilizations who have ruled Tunisian land.

    The main dish that is served in Tunisia is Couscous .

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                        The famous BRIK                                                                                     a delicious grilled salad (Mechwiya)   

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    Tunisia is also known for its many craft products and many of the regions of Tunisia have different specialities and trades.

                         Pottery Nabeul                                                                          Pottery Guallala ,Jerba .

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                                    Kairouan carpets (                                                                 Gafsa margoum

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