Liceo Scientifico Marconi, 4° C - Foligno (Italy)

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     Hello to all!!!!!!

    We are very glad to know you and to participate in this project...

     We are the IV CS class and we attend the scientific  high school,  which is located in the town of Foligno in Umbria, Italy. The name of the school is Guglielmo Marconi, in honour of a big and important italian scientist and the inventor of the telephone.

    We are a very large class, 29 students.

    Our high school, founded in 1940, is actually a school with more than a thousand students. The institute has its headquarters in a building located on three complexes, in a large and beautiful park; but the increase of students has necessitated the establishment of a great new headquarter. Also our high school has a branch located in the small town of Cascia, in the earth of Sibillini’s mountain, with about 87 students.

    The scientific  high school is divided into four different addresses:

    • Traditional high school
    • High school of applied sciences
    • high school of art
    • high school of sport

    Each student can choose one of these addresses, but the most important subjects are always math, science, physics, ITC  and the study of English.

    Our school every year organizes three days when students and some experts organizes some laboratories on sport, art, music, technology, and any other topic we like to deal with. These days are to inform us better about the reality around us.
    But the most important event during the school year is the "Spring Festival Marconi" a great day out with activities, games and concerts organized by pupils.

    You must come and see us!!!!

    We live in Foligno, a small city with a population of  57 197 located approximately in the center of Umbria.
    Although it is not a big city, Foligno in history has been a very important city since Roman times because it is crossed by the ancient Via Flaminia, a road that connect Rome to the Adriatic  Sea and also because we are in the center of Italy.

    Umbria is our country

    One of the most important cities in Umbria is Assisi, also called “the city of peace”, famous for the huge amount of Christian Churches and for Saint Francis, a rich family man who in the 13th century abandoned all that he had to have a life characterized by poverty, simplicity and prayer. His tomb is a pilgrimage destination for tens of thousands of people every year from around the world.

    This is the centre of our town!

    Foligno is famous for the Giostra della Quintana, a historical commemoration Baroque age where 10 teams (called "Rioni") compete on horseback in a 8-shaped path trying to take with a spear three rings hanging from a wooden statue (a representation of Ares, the greek-roman God of wars and duels) in the center of the circuit. 

    Our city is also important because it is where Dante Alighieri, a famous poet of 1300, printed the Divina Commedia, one of the most important works of Italian literature.