• "Don't let live change your goals, because achieving your goals can change your life."
    The second station deals with the topic dreams".
    Refugees have different reasons to flee.Be it war, hunger, nature or persecution, however just because they have to flee doesn't mean they have to stop dreaming.
    The identities that we took on in the beginning had future goals and hopes on them.There were a lot of different goals in our group, as all individuals were very different and the age ranged from 9 up to 21.The young children dreamed about becoming a football player or just wanted to see their family again.The older children and the grown ups had dreams about there future jobs and lifes.Even though they fled from horrible things they still have goals like being a doctor or managing a company.The instructor gave each of us a ribbon.Based on our identity we had to put the ribbon on a picture that fit the most.The pictures showed different things like families doctors sport activities etc.We were given note cards where we wrote down our dreams.Then we read them out loud  and tied them to a construct, which was built out of thin steal ,that was hanging from the ceiling.
    I thought it was a good idea to participate in this excursion ,because the way they designed it allowed me to get a deeper look into the life of a refugee.