• In this station we were supposed to imagine how to navigate without any electronic devices. First, we had to say what we would use to orientate ourselves. We collected ideas, for example, we would use maps, a compass and orientate ourselves by rivers. Nobody had the idea to orientate themself by constellations but it works! Our group leader gave us pictures which showed two different constellations. Then we had to find them on a big picture of the night sky. This task was quite difficult and we needed much time to find them und our group leader had to help us a bit. He told us that this is quite a good method to find your way without google maps oder a route guidance system but you had to know the correct constellation.

    We both had problems to find the constellation in the night sky. Imagining to orientate oneself only with maps, a compass, rivers and constellations is quite hard and we think that you would often lose your way without help from someone who knows the correct way.