Flashmobs related to SDGs

  • At every LTTA  in all partner countries we will perform at the cener of the host town a flashmob related to  Susteinable  Development Global Goals.

    We will perform 6 Flashmobs during our project time 2019-2021.


    The first Flashmob was related to Solidarity and was performed by all participants at the LTTA in Kazanlak, Bulgaria on 21 st of December.

    21st of December is a world day of Solidarity and therefore our first flashmob was for Solidarity.

    The flashmob was preformed at the center of thown Kazanlak.


    The second project flashmob will be performed by the partners at the center of the town Seville, Spain  in February 2020 and will be related to UN Global Goal- №10 "Reducing Inequalities".


    The third Flashmob will be performed at the center of the town Bari, Italy in April 2000 and will be related to - SDG №5 "Gender  Equality"