SDGs calendar Team 1

  • Team 1 : Anita Hristova/ Bulgaria/, Agata Polek/Pland/, Alessandro Falcone/Italy/, Dimitris (Jimmy) Anagnostou/Greece/, Oliver Panawo/Germany, Aylen Peñuela/Spain

    supported by Kathrin Strontschak/Germany/

    will make a research and choose  paintings relevant to SDGs №1 and № 16


    The participants of the team will communicate through forum :

    The final results will be posted here on this page-  2 paintings for each of assigned SDGs and short information about the relevant SDG and the relevant painter.


    Hello everone!

    It was a pleasure to meet you online today - thank you for your amazing work and your ideas and thoughts. Thank you also for being patient and trying out the conferencing tool. 


    We have chosen two works of art for the calendar - one of them will be a challenge but we were sure there is enough creativity within this group to perform it.

    For SDG "No poverty" we chose a Graffiti by Banksy. 


    For SDG "Peace, Justice and Strong institutions" we chose "Peace with Justice by Alawi Munir