SDGs calendar Team 5

  • Team 5: Viktoria Ivanova/Bulgaria/, Mikołaj Makowski/Poland/, Valeria Lucafò/Italy/, Eirini Pesdemioti/Greece/, Celina Antonaci/Germany/, Salman Mulik/Spain/

    supported by Pilar Romero Candau and Begoña Canivell /Spain/

    will make a research and choose  paintings relevant to SDGs №5 and № 12


    The participants of the team will communicate through forum :

    The final results will be posted here on this page-  2 paintings for each of assigned SDGs and short information about the relevant SDG and the relevant painter.


    Our team had the meeting, first in Twinspace and then in Skype, on 12th November at 18:00. Everything was fine and we chose our suggestions to represent the goals.



    For goal number 5, gender equality, we chose the painting "The love embrace of the universe" a self-portrait by Fridha Kahlo

    "The Love Embrace of the Universe" (1949), a self-portrait of Fridha Khalo. She was a strong independent woman with no fear to express how she feels through art, well-known as a feminist. The painting shows how every human being to earth is just pefect as it is. Moreover it shows the great power that a woman can have. Especially at Fridha’s time, women did not have as many rights as in our days. 

    For goal number 12, responsible production and consumption, our choice is "Baco" by Caravaggio:

     The world is irresponsible when we talk about our production and consumption. There are millions of products which we don't need, but we buy them because they look attractive. When we buy something unusable it's clear that we are going to throw it away after a amount of time.What is the conclusion from that? We literally throw our money away, create environmental pollution and we don't stop, we never stop doing this until we understand that we are harming ourselves, our finances and our planet.The unlimited production is  connected with the company's finances. From every product, after paying all the debts for each one, the firm is reaching a lot of money for itself. " Money never sleep " they said.