LTTA in Spain

  • The LTTA in Spain will be in five working days as follow:

    Day 1- Trip to Cadiz- Team building games in the city

    Day 2.-Visiting main landmarks in Seville. Team building games in the street


    Day 3- Presentation of teams.Team building drama games. Exploring Spanish culture by international teams. Flamenco and Music lesson- Craft and Arts workshop, Twinspace workshop, Studying  the chosen original project song- anthem of Friendship between young people in EU. Workshops for teachers and students- Integration drama techniques in English language  and Physics presented by the Spanish team. Rehearsal of the partner plays. Working on global goal 10


    Day 4.-Rehearsals, drama game in International teams Theatrical performance of all partner national plays one after another on the stage before students, teachers, parents , members of the local community at the town theatre in Seville. Еach partner will present on the stage a peer-reviewed play randomly distributed to him. Each partner provide booklet for the play which they perform.In the end of that partner collaborative theatrical Performance the partner choir will perform for first time the chosen original song -anthem of Friendship between young people in EU.

    Day 5- Rehearsal flashmob. Flash mob related to UN Global Goal- №10 "Reducing Inequalities". Visiting a local theatre. "Teatro Maestranza"

    Greek-students-evaluation-of-the-project-Shaping-young...-in Sevilla.pdf

    Bulgarian students impressions from the LTTA in Seville