SDGs calendar Team 4

  • Team 4: Martina Yurgandzhieva/Bulgaria/, Asia Goc(Joanna) /Poland/, Danza Andrea/Italia/, Nikolaos Xenikos/Greece/, Catja Klaassen/Germany/, Alberto Asuaje/Spain/

    supported by Kassandra Beikaki & Maria Manioudaki /Greece/

    will make a research and choose  paintings relevant to SDGs №4 and № 13

    The participants of the team will communicate through forum :


    The final results will be posted here on this page-  2 paintings for each of assigned SDGs and short information about the relevant SDG and the relevant painter.


    It was an interesting and creative meeting. Thank you all for your participation and ideas! 

    Good teamwork! Thank you very much!

    Our final choices!

    A great collaboration and an enjoyable experience!  It was nice to discuss the topic with you.

    To sum up, we have chosen two pictures which represent the SDG best:


    SDG No 4:  "Quality education": "The young teacher", by Timoleon Marie Lobrichon

    A young child teaches other children... This painting symbolizes the quality education that permits everyone to be a became a part of the knowledge. 

    SDG No 13: "Climate Action": "Scream" by E. Munch

    A scream of agony about climate change and its effects on the environment..