LTTA in Bulgaria

  • The LTTA in Bulgaria will be in five working days as follow:

    Day 1 -Team building drama games.Partners presents their schools, countries. Actionbound drama tasks for international teams. Exploring Bulgarian culture by international teams. Friendship dictionary -audio recording of pronunciations of the chosen basic words in all partner languages.Rehearsals of the national plays.

    Day 2-Workshops for all participants-Integration drama techniques in Entrepreneurship, Astronomy presented by the Bulgarian team. Rehearsals of the national plays. Culture Festival- The partners will perform one national play on stage one after another.The audience will be students, parents, teachers, local media.Every partner will provide booklet for the chosen national play.

    Day 3-Trip in the region and visiting the regional theatre and amphitheatre in Plovdiv .

    Day 4- Simulation game- European Union -How the designs are taken?; Concert- The partners will present one national dance and one national song. The partner choir of all participants at the LTTA will present the anthem of EU on the stage in German language.

    Day 5-Drama training sessions for training "soft" skills. ICT workshop about creation of trailers and augmented reality. Flash- mob at the center of the town Kazanlak- "Solidarity".

    All participants will departure on the 6th day to be able to take part in all project activities on the last working day

    Bulgarian students impressionms from the meeting in Kazanlak- Decmber 2019


    Greek- students-evaluation-of-the-project-Shaping-young...-in Bulgaria.pdf

    Spanish team's evaluation mobility Bulgaria.pdf