Art and Design

  • The Dreams for the Future

    The 6th graders have been working with their dreams and hopes for the future in Arts. They have also made tin labels - tins filled with...

    The Ink Stain Monsters

    The 2nd graders at Nordre School in Denmark have created Ink Stain Monsters. They have painted ink stains on white paper. When the stains have dried, they have found the monsters using red colour and felt pen.

    The wishing trees

    Tehtaankatu School, Finland

    Several classes painted wishing trees. All the trees looked unique with different colors, some of the wishes were the same, some different. Everyone wishes to have a good life for themselves as well as for their families. Some wish to become famous, some wish to be happy now and always. That’s how we people are too: we are the same, but different at the same time.




    Metal Art inspired by Gustav Klimt

    In 5th class in Denmark we worked with the artist Gustav Klimt. We looked at his paintings and wanted to work especially with his metallic colours.

    We produced stamps with carboard and foam using geometrical forms. We stamped on black paper using metallic colours. Then we drew different patterns with metallic colour pens (+ black and white).