• Schools in the Erasmus+ ACTIVE 

    There are in all 6 schools in our Erasmus+ ACTIVE partnership.

    Our partnership´s goal is to get the children/young people to be physically ACTIVE using technological innovations ACTIVELY and learning ACTIVELY in different learning environments. Thus the title:

    Active Children, Technological Innovations, Varied Environments

    Here are the schools in the partnership:

    Nordre Skole (coordinator)

    H.C.Andersensvej 5

    8800 Viborg


    Coordinator: Elisa Haaparanta

    Pupils from 6-16 years (classes 0-9)

    Nordre Skole (Northern School) is a public school situated in the northern part of Viborg. Our school has approxiately 655 pupils. We are organized in three sections: classes 0-3, classes 4-6 and classes 7-9. Our school also includes 2 Special Needs sections, where one is located in another address. Our school is also in charge of home schooling children living in a care-center nearby and 3 of our teachers work full-time in the neurological centre of Viborg. Our school also houses 3 Sports Talent-classes (classes 7-9) and a pre/after-school club for children in classes 0-3.

    We want our pupils to develop their academic and social skills, to thrive well in and outside of school and learn to respect and accept differences. We emphasis on work called ATK (behaviour, contact and well being) and two of our teachers give courses to both pupils and teachers, where the themes can be divorce, anger management, girls´club (teenage challenges) or arrange one-to-one talks with pupils about their well-being. 

    Link to our webpage:

    Nordre Skole


    Howes Primary School (partner)

    Palermo Avenue

    CV3 5EH Coventry


    Coordinator: Rebecca Bollands

    Pupils from 3-12 years (nursery - primary).


    Howes Primary School is situated in Coventry in the West Midlands. It was rebuilt in 2006 and it is in a suburban area very close to the city centre. It is a bright and modern school with extensive playing fields and a well equipped playground. There are 240 pupils aged between 3 and 11 years old. We have a unit attached to the school for pupils who have hearing impairments. We have an exciting and interesting curriculum that has been developed to take account of the children’s interests. There are many opportunities to learn outside the classroom and pupils go on field trips to many places. Pupils enjoy making use of a wide range of technology including iPads, mac books, 3-D printers and equipment such as Lego Mindstorms. Pupils can also participate in over 20 clubs which include tennis, dance, German, chess, choir and cooking. The school is well supported by the Friends of Howes who are a group of parents who organise fundraising activities and social events. Events include a summer fair, discos and bingo nights. Governors also work with the school to ensure that everyone is the best that they can be.

    Link to our webpage:

    Howes Primary School


    Tehtaankadu ala-asteen koulu (partner)

    Tehtaankatu 15-17

    00140 Helsinki


    Coordinators: Riitta Lavonen-Meswani and Riitta Heikkinen

    Pupils from 7-12 years (classes 1-6).

    Tehtaankatu School is a Primary School located in the city center of Helsinki, the capital of Finland. The school and the neighbourhood is known for its beautiful jugend architecture and the Baltic Sea is right near the school. There are approximately 380 pupils in classes 1–6. The staff consists of 18 class teachers, 2 special education teachers and 4 subject teachers in foreign languages and music. In our school the pupils can study French, English and Swedish in addition to Finnish language. The majority of the pupils come from socially advanced Finnish families, who are interested in their childrens’ learning. We want to provide our pupils good basic skills and knowledge and sufficient all-round learning in a safe school environment. The schools’ objective is to provide each pupil the opportunity for diverse growth and learning and for development of healthy self-esteem. We want our pupils to be creative and knowledgeable in arts, culture and the environment they live in. 

    Link to our webpage:

    Tehtaankadun Koulu


    Brekkuskóli (partner)


    600 Akureyri


    Coordinator: Þorgerður Guðmundsdóttir

    Pupils from 6-16 (classes 1-10).

    Brekkuskoli is one of eight schools in Akureyri which is the biggest town outside the capital area with nearly 19.000 inhabitants. The number off staff at Brekkuskóli is around 80 and we have 510 students (age 6-16) from all social classes.

    The playground around Brekkuskóla is large and fun for student to play on. There you can find a small football field, basketball field and a skateboard ramp.

    Our policy is to integrate all students into normal classes where their special needs are met. Brekkuskóli is a pioneer school in using ICT in teaching. Especially students with learning disability. Brekkuskóli is well equipped for teaching all creative subjects such as textile, fine art, housekeeping, carving and building.

    The school year starts in August and last until first week of June. We have two weeks break around Christmas and ten days around Easter. Normally we start at 8 o´clock in the morning and most of the students finish their school day around 14. Because of our location students attend school when it´s still dark in the morning and go back in the afternoon and it´s dark again. 

    Link to our webpage:



    Çan ─░brahim Bodur Anadolu Lisesi (partner)

    Cumhuriyet mah.Etili cad. No 17

    17400 Can/Canakkale


    Coordinator: Zerrin Tepe

    Pupils from 14-18 years old.


    Çan ─░brahim Bodur Anatolian High School is located in the northwestern Turkey, near the town of Çanakkale. The school moved to our current building in 1992. There are 560 students, from 14-18 years with 315 females and 245 males. Some of our students come to school from the rural districts of Çan by using the school services. Some of our parents are coming from a lower socio- economic status. We are 32 teachers, a school director and two assistant directors. Most of our teachers have more than 15 - 20 + years of experience. We have smart boards and internet connection in all our classes. All teachers have attended smart board - courses organized by the Ministry of Education and use them in their activities. Our school offers Maths, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, History, Geography, Turkish Language and Literature, English, German, Religion, P.E., and Art at all levels. Every year different cultural, social and educational activities are organized to improve our students’ social development, to increase their cultural awareness and help them to make appropriate vocational choices. Our school is an academic high school, so our vision is to train our students who want to be successful and pass the university exam and prove their self-realized personalities, and to achieve success by using modern educational techniques and methods. Our students have achieved good results at the national exams. Our motivation to join the project is that the students and the teachers are very eager to participate in international school projects.

    Link to our webpage:



    Gozo College Secondary School (partner)

    Europa Street

    VCT 2731 

    Victoria, Gozo


    Coordinator: Robert Vella

    Pupils from 14-16 years old.


    Our organization is a secondary state school. It is the only state school in Gozo, this means that our school hosts students from the age of 14 to 16 years old from all over Gozo. Some of our students have learning disabilities/difficulties, and for this reason the school has over 30 LSEs (Learning Support Educators). Teachers in our school are of mixed gender and vary from newly qualified teachers to those who soon will retire. Apart from the head of school, the school has 5 assistant heads, 8 Head of Departments and other teachers with specific tasks. Presently the population of students in the school is around 500. Apart from extra-curricular activities such as drama, different clubs - fish keeping, sketch-up, etc our school offers: AML (Art, Music & Literature), Arabic, Art, Biology, Business Studies, Chemistry, Computing, Design & Technology, English (Language & Literature), European Studies, French, German, Geography, Graphical Communication, History, Home Economics, Integrated Science, ICT, Italian, Maltese, Mathematics, Music, Physical Education, PSD (Personal & Social Development), Physics, Religion, Russian, Social Studies and Spanish.

    Link to our webpage:

    Gozo College Secondary School