Teacher Training/Teaching Activity Turkey

  • TTA in Turkey

    May 21st-27th 2022


    Sunday May 22nd: Turkish History Day

    With a very competent guide we were introduced to the Turkish history during the 1st World War. We visited a war museum in Canakkale, various monuments in Gallipoli and a museum for war time hospital.

    Monday May 23rd: ACTIVE Teaching

    The guest teachers had arranged different activities for the Turkish students. The students took part eagerly and were ready  to be challenged despite of the heat and the preassure of the exams.

    Tuesday May 24th: Active Training Day

    We evaluated the project, took part in weaving workshop and learnt about Ebru Art with teacher Hasan. We also learnt abou active use of ICT.

    Wednesday May 25th: Dissemination, Impact and Sustainalibily and Turkish History 2

    This time we learnt about the ancient history of Turkey- Troy and Assos.

    Thursday May 26th: Final evaluation, Turkish dances and Diplomas


    Updated programme Turkey 12 maj.pdf






    Pupils in 4b and 6b in Denmark have made a film about our school. The teachers will activate the Turkish pupils with a "Star Run" about the Erasmus+ ACTIVE partner schools:

    Stjerneløb til Tyrkiet Danish activity.pdf



    Malta has prepared a power point about their country and traditions. Here in pdf- format as this site does not allow uploading power points. There are also several video links to be used in guest teaching.


    Malta Presentation-Turkey May 2022.pdf


    Traditions and Maltese Culture.pdf