• In our Erasmus+ ACTIVE project, we will arrange 4 Learning Activities for pupils, where a group of pupils from each partner school get together to collaborate and learn.

    Here is a short description of each Learning Activity. 


    C2 Pupil Learning Activity Nov 30th - Dec 6th 2019

    Host: Tehtaankadun Koulu in Helsinki, Finland

    Theme: ACTIVE Body and Mind in Varied Learning Environments


    C3 Pupil Learning Activity May 16th - May 22nd 2020

    Host: Howes Primary School in Coventry, England in collaboration with Deisruptive Meadia Learning Lab t Coventry University

    Theme: Beaconing - Location Based Activities

    (Beaconing = Breaking Educational Barriers with Contextualised, Pervasive and Gamefull Learning)


    C5 Pupil Learning Activity Nov 14th - Nov 20th 2020

    Host: Brekkuskóli in Akureyri, Iceland in collaboration with Akureyri University´s Teacher Training Department

    Theme: Healthy and Active Body and MInd - Coding, Robotics, Moving


    C6 Pupil Learning Activity April March 20th - 26th 2021

    Host: Nordre Skole in Viborg, Denmark in collaboration with Animation Workshop, VIA-University College and Nature School

    Theme: Animated Learning and Outdoor Learning