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    Turkey is on the lead of making a poll of the music to our project dances. Each country has 50 votes. There are 3 songs to choose from.


    October 2019

    6b in Denmark listened to the songs together and then the pupils voted in groups of 2. Wonder what song was their favourite...



    Turkey October 2019

    We have made a survey, on Google forms, to choose the project dance song. Each partner country has had rights for fifty votes. Turkey has offered three alternative songs and we have asked our students;

    Which song would you like to choose for the project dance?

    1. Shakira: Try Everything 

    2. Trolls: Get Back Up Again 

    3.Justin Bieber: Never Say Never   

    The pupils in all partner schools voted and the result is;

    SHAKIRA "TRY EVERYTHING” %50 of the votes

    TROLLS "GET BACK UP AGAIN" %25 of the votes

    JUSTIN BIEBER "NEVER SAY NEVER" %25 of the votes

    According to the survey results, our project ACTIVE‘s dance song is




    Tehtaankatu School, Finland

    March 2020

    A group of 6th graders in our school made the coreography for the song.They also went around to teach it to the other pupils and their teachers. Teacher Ulla has also trained the pupils in her music classes. Almost everyone knows the moves now. Now we just have to find the right time and place to dance with everyone!


     Gozo College Secondary School:

    Try Everything:


    Nordre Skole Viborg, Denmark

    August 2021: