Robotics and Coding


    September 2021

    Our 5th graders visited the Tange Electricity Museum during our environmental week "Greener Together".

    The pupils learned about many different aspect in terms of for example sorting garbage, alternative sources of energy like wind power and how we can help the environment by eating less meat (new food pyramide). They also played a board game that aimed towards raising awareness that we all need to check our consumer habits in order to cut down the CO2 emissions.

    The pupils also trained coding and robotics. They had to bring windmills to the sea with the help of a little robot.



    March 2020

    5th graders at Nordre Skole in Denmark were learning simple coding with Ultra:bit.


    September 2019

    Dance workshop with Momo the robot

    My 4th graders in Tehtaankatu school were one of the lucky ones to participate in a work shop called Dance with Momo, the robot. A professional dancer, Iina Taijonlahti, was the main dancer and the teacher. The robot, Momo, was a full size robot made of white plastic, wires, lamps etc. She was wearing a pink hat and a white skirt. The look was very unusual, even a bit scary. There were a group of coders telling Momo what part of her body to move, and then how to move. Momo gave then to the children orders for what to do and how to move their bodies. The children followed Momo to a dance, made the same movements and made mirrow images of them. They changed the rythm of their movements according to Momo. The strange body and Momo´s face became quickly familiar, the robot itself became a human.


    September 2019

    Robotics club in Tehtaankatu school in Finland

    Our students can participate in afternoon robotics club. In the club students learn coding, electronics and design.