Teaching Ideas and Tools TTA Turkey

  • The Use of Information and Communition Tools Actively with Pupil as a Producer

    Active use of ICT

    In this webpage you can find a matrix where you can choose the method that you will use in your classroom to a given topic. By clicking the matrix, you will get many different ideas of theme-based teaching where pupils are using ICT actively.

    In this webpage you can also find many different evaluation tools for different purposes.


    EBRU Water Art

    Teacher Hasan taught us about the traditional Turkish Water Art called Ebru. It´s a marble art technique that can be used by children in quite early age. The colours can be produced by yourself, or boyght readily.

    Weaving workshop

    We visited a local weaving workshop for women and learnt to weave with knot technique. 

    Traditional Turkish Dances

    A teacher from local primary school taught us a Turkish wedding dance and a dance from Ankara region. A fun learning activity with the pupils!