About "Democracy and Environment in Institutions”

  • On the 12th of November 2018, the journalist Soraia Ramos, was invited by the project to come to our school, to talk to students about "The Journalist's Role in the Construction of a Developed Society". The event took place in the School's Grand Auditorium and, besides the project group, students and teachers were invited to attend.

    The event poster:


    The Grand Auditorium was full and the session very interesting.


    Our project student, Marta Afonso, wrote the following article about the event:

    The Journalist's Role .pdf




    On the 5th of December 2018 a lecture on "The Role of the Military Institutions in Promoting Democracy and Human Rights" was given by Colonel Nuno Lemos Pires. As in the previous event, besides the project group, students and teachers filled the School's Grand Auditorium.


    Our project students, Margarida Santos and Marta Cabeça, wrote the following article about the event:

    The Military's Role.pdf




    On the 10th of December 2018, the International Human Rights Day and celebration of the 70th Anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the Human Rights' Exhibition opened, in the main entrance of our school, with various works and articles prepared by the students. 


    The online Mafra's Democracy vs Non Democracy Wall was also created.