• Before each Transnational Meeting, students, under teachers' guidance, prepared themselves within the theme of the meeting to take place in each country.

    On the following pages, are the most relevant Greek Student Activities.


    The main Preparation Activities, in Greece, for the Transnational Meetings included:


    • Research Work
    • Conferences / Lectures
    • Interviews with Experts / Round-table discussions
    • Visits to places of Interest relevant to the sub-topics of the project (galleries, factories, educational centres for Sustainability)
    • Online visits/interviews during the School Lockdown due to COVID-19 Pandemic


    Follow-up Activities

    • Articles to be publised in the local newspapers
    • Exhibitions/SDDS Corners at school
    • Videos/Power Point Presentations
    • Press release texts / Posts for the School Website & Social media platforms


    The results/material of the Follow-up Activities were used to create Presentations to be shared in every Transnational meeting.


    At the end of the First Project year participating students shared their Erasmus+ experiences and impressions with the School Community, Parents and Friends in dissemination events. During the second year such events were not possible due to the COVID-19 Pandemic.