SHORT-TERM MOBILITY MEETING IN FINLAND - May 2019: “Democracy, Environment and Economy”

  • The second Transnational Learning Activity focused on “Democracy, Environment and Economy”. The Work Programme, prepared by the host school, can be seen here:

    Mobility Program_Finland.pdf

    In this Mobility we focused a lot on how Economy affects the Environment and how we can get a Sustainable development according to these things. We visited the local Power plant and Waste disposal plant to learn about how waste can be good for Economy and the Environment can be kept clean. We also had the possibility to learn how to build our own Water Power Plants in practical workshops at school. Sustainable economy must think about the environment.


    Local companies held presentations about themselves as future workplaces for youths of today. This may have opened the eyes of some students when it comes to future jobs.

    Our guests had also the possibility to visit Technobotnia, which is a centre of modern high-tech know how. There will be possible to find new technical solutions on all kinds of problems that we have today, and these can help us to work for a sustainable development in all areas.

    The seven transnational groups did a fantastic job on their presentations and came up with a good summery of the week. The presentations were dived into different subjects for example one group compared the pros and cons of economic activity on environment and another group compared national candidates and their environmental thinking in the upcoming EU-election.





    • twenty-one students from the host country Finland (Anastasia Tarasenko, Alina Östergård, Hanna Mwangi, Isabelle Lithén, Lisa Nyqvist, Tea Haajamo, Kristina Saarela, Emilia Håkans, Ida Smeds, Matilda Eriksson, Miina Jousmäki, Rebecka Asplund, Alva Sandelin, Aron Paloheimo, Hannes Hiekkanen, Nellie Höglund Karolina Ågren, Inka Österblad, Emil Zittra, Daniel Berg, Axel Ålgars) and six teachers (Monica Mattbäck, Mikaela Hansen, Jeanette Kecklund, Ulla-Maija Holmfors-Andtbacka, Ulrika Nabb and Mats Nyblom)
    • seven students from Portugal (Catarina Ribeiro, Inês Ferreira, Márcia Mouta, Margarida Santos, Marta Afonso, Marta Pinto, Marta Cabeça) and two accompanying teachers (Alexandra Bento and Jorge Rocha).
    • seven students from Estonia (Caroly Kiik Juuli-Johanna Aaman Joanna Roopa Carmen Pajuste Jaak Priilinn Andreas Idavain Miikael Martti Vatunen) and two accompanying teachers (Kertu Priilin and Piret Kukk).
    • seven students from Greece (Maria Tsouflidou, Katerina Della, Elena Theodorou, Sofia Panidou, Vicky Moisidou, Leonidas Koukouravas, Nikos Tsiflidis) and two accompanying teachers (Anastasios Moschopoulos and Charikleia Axouristou).


    This project “Sustainability for Democracy, Democracy for Sustainability” and specially the second Transnational Learning Activity focused on “Democracy, Environment and Economy” is something that fits in very well to our curriculum. Since Vasa is well known for the energy cluster, we work a lot with energy questions in our school. The workshops and the presentations from the local companies as well as the visit to Stormossen and Westenergy are included in the Energy theme week for the ninth grade.


    A group photo at the Finnish School


    Further information, specially the Booklet about this Transnational Experience, can be found in our Home Page and in our Blog.


    Mobility Booklet_05-2019 Finland.pdf