Project outline

  • Project outline

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    Project schools, classes and teachers get to know each other through six ice-breaking activities. Project students get creative designing the project logo with digital or conventional tools, and they vote for the one they like best.  

    Project work is divided in three phases

    In Phase 1: Sharing knowledge, partners share the knowledge they acquire from STEM experiences so that all project partners benefit from them.

    In Phase 2: Cooperation, project pupils from Poland "teach" offline coding activities for Greek partners to learn and do producing a cooperative piece of offline coding work.

    In Phase 3: Collaboration, which is the main core of the project, DVS partners design four lessons using the Flipped Classroom methodology. 

    After the completion of the project activities, partners evaluate and disseminate project work. 

    A list of the ICT tools used and the communication means employed are also recorded for the visitor to see. 

    Project planning

    Project teachers collaborate on project planning on the Google doc below

    Robo-Code Project Plan.pdf