Onsite Meeting 1

  • Onsite Meeting 1

    Wednesday, February 20th, 2019

    11:45 - 13:15

    After studying the material provided by the DVS students "Presentation of Edison robot" , "Setting up Edison robot and Troubleshooting", the DVS teachers visit the 10th Helioupolis Primary School to give the 5th Graders the opportunity to familiarize themselves with the robot, set it up and use it on a A3 mat.

    The children set up Edison robot and scan the barcodes on the mat such as the barcode-clap, the torch one, etc..  

    "Barcode - clap 

    When the robot turned right, we clapped our hands once and when the robot started moving, we clapped our hands twice.We had some issues at first but we eventually managed to make it move on the line!

    The DVS teachers greeted us goodbye with a funny experiment! "

    by Apollonia