Ice-breaking Activities

  • Ice-breaking activities - December 2018

    (photos of pupils working on the ice-breaking activities can be found on the TwinBoard below)

    A. Students introduce themselves, complete their TwinSpace profiles with text and an image and post information about classmates on their walls. To draft their profile pupils use a sample doc which is based on various lessons/units of the school EFL coursebook.


    B. Each partner class turns a class photo into a jigsaw puzzle using jigsaw planet and shares the puzzle on the TwinSpace ("Project classes"). 

    C. Students brainstorm what they know about their partners' countries and add notes, photos or videos on the TwinBoard of the dedicated page  "What I know about you". Partners react to the information about them (Is it true? Is it false?) and add comments in the Discussion Forum at the bottom of the same page. You can also add more photos or videos on the same topic

    D. Students prepare to sing a Christmas song. They make a video of themselves singing it and post it on the TwinSpace along with its lyrics in their native language. The students sing their songs at the first Online Meeting of the partner classes just before Christmas (Online Meeting & Christmas Songs)

    E. Project students post information on a lino The information can be a text, video or picture which is used to describe the pupils' daily routine (school life, everyday activities, extra-curricular/weekend activities, sports and hobbies, their room, their favorite dish or whatever they wish to share about themselves (that can and should be shared)

    Deadline for students to post their sticky/stickies on the lino: December 15th

    Who are we?


    Partners check the posts on the lino and try to find students from the partner schools they share the same interests. They add a post it with their names and countries. Transnational Groups are formed this way. Deadline to form TGs: January 5th

    F.Students discuss topics of interest in this FORUM, "Who am I? - Who are you?" so as to get to know each other better. They talk about their hobbies, the sports they like, the weather in their country, their pet if they have oranimals they like. They can pick their topic, talk about it (i.e. type their preferences in the FORUM) and then ask relevant questions their international partners. This activity could run throughout the project. In other words, whenever there is time or whenever a student finishes his/her project tasks earlier than the rest they could go to to the FORUM and start writing about themselves and asking their partners questions about them on the same topic.

  • Documentation: working on ice-breaking activities

    Writing about my daily routine

    pupils write about their daily routine, type the text and post it on the lino

    Typing my profile

    pupils draft their profile, type it and update their TwinSpace profile

    Updating my TwinSpace profile

    pupils draft their profile, type it and update their TwinSpace profile

    The 5th Graders do the ...

    ...jigsaw puzzle of the DVS class

    The DVS students do the

    jigsaw puzzle of the 10th Helioupolis Primary School classes

    The DVS students do the jigsaw puzzle

    of the partner class from the 8th Primary School of Zamosc