OnSite meeting 2 -OnLine meeting 2

  • Partners cooperating

    Online meeting programming (video of the cooperation!)

    During the online meeting, partners worked together in order to program the Edison Robot

    "Have you managed to move Edison?" (1)

    Partners work on the code with Scratch to move two Edison robots in Helioupolis and Zamosc

    2. Have you managed to move Edison?

    Partners work on the code with Scratch to move Edison in Helioupolis and Zamosc

    First, let us show you what you should do

    Facilitated by DVS partners, a Greek pupil demonstrates the work with Edison for the Polish partners to see and do.

    Polish partners share their screen and work on the code

    guided by the Greek partners

  • OnSite Meeting 2 @ the 10th Helioupolis Primary School 

    OnLine Meeting 2 with partners from all three schools present

    Two simultaneous meetings, online and onsite, take place on Wednesday March 6th, 2019 from 11:45- 13:15

    Brief report of the meeting by a pupil

    Commmunication-Evaluation after the meeting



    Let's get started

    Meeting agenda