Flipped classroom 2: Edison with scratch=Edscratch

  • Edison and Edscratch

    Activity 1

    Students of the Vocational School of Drapetsona present the enviroment of Edscratch

    Activity 2

    Students of the Vocational School of Drapetsona make the first program with Edscratch


    Create your own program with Edscratch online so that Edison Robot will move forward for two (2) seconds with speed eight (8) and then turn right for one (1) second with speed two (2).
    - If you have an Edison Robot make a video while running the code and upload it in the padlet.
    -If you don't have an Edison Robot upload on the padlet a photo of your code and we will make a video in which the Edison Robot will run your code

    Polish students programmed Edison robot for Greek students

    follow this link :)

    EdScratch for Polish partner

    The program was built for our Polish partners to execute using their Edison robot.

    Polish student programmed Edison to play Happy Birthday song:)


    Polish students do the Task
    Programming Edison with EdScratch

    Having studied the material provided by our DVS partners, the 5th Graders of the 10th Helioupolis Primary School tried to program Edison with EdScratch working in different modes (in pairs, in groups, onsite, online). Here's a report of their effort.

    Doing the task

    Listen to the 5th Grader who describes what he does in order to complete the task assigned by the DVS partners.

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