STEM Education

  • Visiting STEM Education & building MILO

    Project pupils visit STEM Education which is an organization that designs and provides  educational workshops so that students are given the opportunity to get in touch with STEM and educational robotics. After the visit, the 5th Graders arrange the photos from the field trip, add captions and create the Sway presentation (link) below to share the experience and newly-found knowledge with their partners who are invited to comment on the content of the presentation in the Page Discussion Forum (the forum received 66 replies!)

    (For a quick look at what the pupils state they have learnt, scroll down to the bottom of the page) 


    Robots are useful in a number of tasks from household chores to space exploration. They can be used for labor-intensive (heavy) and repetitive tasks, too. 

    Robots resemble humans. They have arms and legs. They have a motor that moves the limbs. 

    Robots are built with sensors. As a result, they can see, hear and/or feel. 

    Robots have brains, namely a software programmed by humans.

    At the begining the experts showed us different parts of a robot and told us what their use is.

    They gave us instructions and helped us build a robot with LEGOs. At the end we put the head of the robot.

    Finally, we used a tablet with Internet connection and managed to programme and move the robot.

    The robot made different sounds.It was a great experience!