Flipped Classroom 1: Presentation of Edison robot

  • Presentation of Edison robot

    Activity 1

    Students of the Vocational School of Drapetsona present in this video the Edison Robot

    Activity 2

    Students of the Vocational School of Drapetsona show how to program Edison Robot with barcodes.


    After watching the two videos think of everyday applications that use sensors similar to Edison. Sketch, draw, photograph or write them on the Padlet wall below. Also you can post your videos with the Edison scanning barcodes and running programs.

    Edison Robot

    In these videos you got to know Edison Robot and its sensors. You also saw one of the many ways to program the Edison using barcodes. The pre-set barcodes activate the sensors that Edison robot has.

    Meet Edison Robot

    An introduction by the designer of Edison Robot

    EdMat in colour

    Instructions on how to print EdMat coloured.

    EdMat in black and white

    Instructions on how to print EdMat in black and white.

    Barcodes list

    Pre-set barcode programs for Edison. Print the barcodes in a simple A4 paper.

    What we have learned (a)

    7th graders from Zamość, Poland present Edison robot scanning the barcodes


    Polish student shows how he uses his drone

    What we have learned (b)

    What is Edison robot?

    What we have learned (c)

    how Edison operates

    What we have learnt (d)

    Using Edison and barcodes

  • Edison full of an amazing features and functionality.

    Edison has:

    • infrared obstacle detectors (left and right)
    • line tracking sensor
    • light sensors (left and right)
    • infrared receiver
    • infrared transmitter
    • piezo sounder
    • sound sensor
    • two motors with variable speeds
    • left and right red LED lights
    • and three control buttons

    Edison can:

    • navigate his way around by detecting obstacles to his left or right
    • be controlled by a standard TV/DVD remote
    • follow a line or stay within a boarder
    • follow a flash light
    • communicate with another Edison using infrared light – robot swarm anyone?!!
    • play beeps and musical tunes
    • respond to clapping and other loud sounds
    • move in any direction through his differential drive system