Project 3: Pythagoras tree

    • We made the Pythagorean tree (POL).

    On the board...

    On the cartons...

    And finally in Geogebra.

    Step by step Pythagoras Tree - Geogebra  /triangles rectangular angles/
    • Pythagoras Tree - our works (CRO)


    • RO - Pythagoras Tree - the right triangle have the acute angles n and 90-n.

    The GeoGebra file have an instrument to construct the tree: delete the old construction. Draw an square and then use the tool: click on 2 poins on square and complete the n degree, etc.

  • Comments, ideas, ...

    German young students ...

    … will only get the first picture to build an own tree. Then they can create artwork or calculate some areas.
    Nice work from Croatian and Romanian students.

    Giant Pythagoras Tree

    The German team will try make a giant poster of the Pythagoras Tree that will be exhibited in the school hall. Planned dimension is 150x90 cm with triangles and squares inof cardboard in different colours and 9 steps. Please cross fingers that it will work because all squares must be cut out with precise lengths.