The project

  • We would like to establish an exhibition of art pieces that show the relation between art and mathematics - an exhibition in each school and online - in the twinspace.

    Students from 10 years to 16 years will participate.

    We will start on the one hand from art from famous painters and students discover the maths behind her creations. On the other hand students create art work creatively by using special mathematical especially geometrical properties.

    Important for us is providing a lot of ways for students' collaboration e.g. by asking older students to help younger students, team competitions among students of different countries or sharing work among students who draft tutorials of what they have learned as a basis to create wonderful artwork.

    Each project consists of didactic comments (for the teacher) and student results. Some projects are initiated by one country and were continued by other countries in different ways that may integrate art work back into math lessons or lead to further mathematical content. 

    The following diagram shows the field in which we are working in our different topics and projects. 

    AUTHOR: Haley Hineman 

    URL of the picture: 28.1.2019