Project 1

  • Project 1:  Art work with special circles & colours  (GER, POL, RO, LV)

    Task (click into the picture to get the PDF)

    Here are the results of this project. Students of 10 years had a lot of fun! me, too! Didactic and methodology comments are here! Students' description of math and art behind this project will follow. 


    • POL students (6 grade) continued Project 1 "Fibonacci Wheels and Piet Mondrian colors". 

    • Romanian student Mara explains how to calculate the area of a circle.

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    • German students show that the now can calculate areas of circles.

  • More in this project

    Piet Mondrian colours

    LV students (grade 5) worked on Polygon art inspired by Piet Mondrian see Project 6

    Romanian student Mara is teacher for the German ones.

    Mara has created a scratch file to explain how to calculate the area of a circle. Thank you, Mara!
    The Scratch file is above this post.

    Hello Mara,

    thank you for the formula.
    S.U.class 6c, Germany

    Hello Romanian students,

    your project is very nice. Thank you that you gave us the informations!

    student, class 6c (GER)

    calculations of circles

    Now we can calculate areas of circles. here is the proof. (class 6c, PGU Unna)

    Thanks for the nice comments!

    I'm happy if I could help you with the formula!