Online Meetings

  • During Online Meetings,the students and teachers will acquire and improve
    their skills in social relations, planning of project activities and use of
    information and communication technologies.The on-line sessions for students to discuss pre-,during or post- activity or the students being on-line while conducting a project task resembles a "Virtual Lab" environment.This Lab environment will facilitate exchanging of the activities through an online
    community,encourage collaboration and communication between teachers
    and students.



    On 10th and 12th of June Lithuanian students were presenting their engineering projects online in ZOOM. The students who are taking part in our ERASMUS+ project presented their works - some extra activities (projects). They were creating "3D printer", "Bionic hand", "Passage control system", "Gymnasium Evacuation map" (creating an app) and others. Students were designing and printing necessary parts using 3D printer, integrating ARDUINO components, programming, etc. Some of them have not been finished yet because of the quarantine period and will be continued after the summer holidays. So, in autumn final projects will be presented. Partners from other countries were asked to participate and some of them did.