Zespol Szkol (Zychlin)

  • Zespol Szkol is located in Żychlin in the centre of Poland. Our school provides general education in all basic subjects, students (aged 16-19) attend school for 3 (high school)-4 (technical vocational school) years and take matriculation exam in the end.A final exam allows them to enter colleges and universities.The majority of our students go to different Universities in Poland.There are about 20 teachers employed in the school.

    There are well -equipped language classrooms, computer room, a library with Multimedia Information Centre.

      We want to give our students the chance to be well educated, modern citizens of Europe.

    Since 2002 we have been cooperated with schools from abroad.Our contacts fruited international exchanges that were organised from 2002 to 2018.

      Participation in Erasmus +project will stimulate students’ awareness and reflection on the differences in values and the respect for cultural diversity. We hope that the project will make both youth and the staff more creative and innovative, they will be able to use their talents and potentials.

    We want to enable our students to experience something new, to broaden their
    horizons, to improve communication skills and
     to promote reasearch even on topics no tought in