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    Portuguese lessons

    Using the 3D printer to make atoms


    Two spanish students were visiting an exhibition about robotics in Fundación Telefónica (Madrid) on Febraury 2019

    Science Week in Madrid 2019

    Our students have visited different dependences of the Politechnic University in Madrid

    Portuguese European Parliament Class
    Visit to the Science Museum in Portugal

    Fatih High School Stem Club made a visit to AKIN ROBOTICS in central Konya province.AkınRobotics, a humanoid robotics factory, was established by AkinSoft software company.The students were absolutely delighted to see humanoid robots and meet with engineers that are very expert in their field

    Fatih High School introduced MET INSIDE Project to its Little Guests

    FATİH ANADOLU LİSESİ introduced the "MET INSIDE" project to the guests from Afyon Şeker Secondary School.Both these young students and their teachers showed their interest to the project that made us delighted and honoured.

    Transition to Robotic System and New Crisis of Humanity Workshop

    As robots move from our imaginations into our homes, offices, and factory floors, they will become the partners that help us do so much more than we can do alone.

    Fatih High School was the host of " Transition to Robotic System and New Crisis of Humanity " workshop organized by Professors from Kütahya Dumlupınar University. During the workshop, the students discussed about;

    What have the robots brought humanity?

    Can we rely on robots to support our physical tasks and also cognitive tasks in the future?

    Should we think a world where robots are so integrated in the fabric of human life that they become as common as smartphones are today?

    Lithuanians joined STEAM school network

    Siauliai Stasys Salkauskis gymnasium became a member of STEAM school network in Lithuania! It means that our work and project activities also helped us to achieve it :)