October 2018

    First Arduino codes lightning leds

    November 2018

    Programming with a button a paper mechanism

    December 2018

    Making mechanisms moved by a servo controlled with a potentiometer

    January 2019

    Discovering the EV3 robot

    February 2019

    First movements of the robot tracking the line

    March 2019

    Detecting with the ultrasound sensor

    May 2019

    Doing catapults with the EV3

    October 2019

    Creating music with the EV3 and Python

    November 2019

    Drawing with MicroPython

    January 2020

    Making biped robots

    February 2020

    More bipeds

    April 2020

    Making face shields againts COVID-19

  • Look at this tweet from Scientix taking about our project and Stem-Club


    Waiting for the online meeting in December 2018 at our workshop



    With our EV3 "Drawer robots" in December 2019