Stasys Salkauskis Gymnasium (Siauliai)

  • Siauliai Stasys Salkauskis gymnasium became a member of STEAM school network in Lithuania in January,  2020! It means that our work and project activities also helped us to achieve it :) 

    Šiauliai Stasys Šalkauskis Gymnasium is an ambitious, constantly studying and seeking for the development institution.One of the main strategic goals of the gymnasium is the development of higher results in pupils‘ achievements.S.Šalkauskis Gymnasium is located in a city, which is an advantageous area for the development of STEM, IT and other integrated skills for students.Our gymnasium is one of 8 city gymnasiums with 17 classes.There are 486 students (aged 15-19), 60 teachers and 15 maintenance department staff in it.

      Šiauliai University,Šiauliai State College and other institutions prepared STEM programs for pupils and our gymnasium engaged in them. Another important activity promoting the STEM approach in our gymnasium is an engineering class,which syllabus is based on STEM. We have this engineering-oriented class for the first year and we want to continue it next year adding internationally based activities, challenges, teaching/learning material. Also teachers want to expand their knowledge, share their ideas about the way STEM subjects could be integrated into the lessons.

      We implemented an ERASMUS+ KA2 project “Teaching with Robots” and from the grant given we purchased 8 Lego Mindstorms EV3 robot sets which are used now and will be used in "MET Inside" project.We have a 3D printer which will be used in this project too.