Making E-STEM projects

  •    By using waste and recyclable materials, the students will make original mechanisms such as gripper, mechanical hand, inclined planes, wheel & axel, projectile launcher or walker leg. 

      With these fun science experiments, the students will create Eco- friendly products, so they will help preserve the environment, reduce waste and make their district a better place to live. They will learn more about simple machines and talk about PHYSICS AND MATH – E-STEM subjects. This activity also focuses on key skills such as to think constructively about how things are built, forming hypotheses, and understanding cause and effect.

      In this sense, this activity integrates constructionism approach into teaching-learning eventscombines with the modern tools and technologies of the maker movement to create new opportunities for learning. This activity process allows the students to apply the knowledge from the natural sciences to a creative science.


    The way to program the Arduino board is very easy if you first organize the instructions with visual blocks before write the complete text code.