•   MET Inside's Kick-Off Meeting held on between 5th-9th of November,2018 in Cartaxo,Portugal.Three representative teachers from each partner schools joined this meeting.Considering their specialities, the responsibilities of the participants for this meeting equally shared in advance.The agenda of issues that coordinator prepared before were discussed in the meeting.The meeting included 5-day workshop about Arduino,Ev3 and E-STEM related topics.

      The objective of this workshop is to introduce the teachers involved in the project to code small electronics components by using an interface like the Arduino board a cheap microcontroller with open source software and very useful because of the big amount of resources about it.The teachers also have had enough knowledge about how to integrate Ev3 and Arduino in lessons ,so they can do further tasks with students.The teachers have understood that these tools are easy to program for the students and they have been able to make a great variety of original devices where electronics and code fit together.Having enough information,the teachers will introduce basic concepst about these great tools.We hope that all students will like working with Arduino which is innovative, user friendly and easy to understand and a great way to start learning more about
    electronics and robotics.

    The first day of the meeting started with the welcome Ceremony by Jorge Tavares, the director Agrupamento de Escolas Marcelino Mesquita do Cartaxo.Our Portugal coordinator Celia Morgado presented the Secondary School of Cartaxo.

    After the welcome ceromony,the Turkish team explained the importance of Ev3 and Arduino in educational contexts and they also tried to enlighten the participants about how we can integrate them (programmable robots) in Stem classes.

     The 2nd Day of the meeting the Turkish coordinator,Italian and Lithuanian team introduced the interface of EV3 and each partner discovered different ways of how to collect Data and use with Ev3.

      The 3rd Day of the meeting the Spanish partner explained the parts of the Arduino board and gave detailed information about the USB connection, power supply, microcontroller and pins.

    The 4th Day of the meeting the Spanish partner introduced how to connect and program LEDs and motors with Arduino.He showed the participants how to use a button or a switch in a simple program.

      Accoding to the agenda,the last day of the meeting Dr. Fernando Silva from Portugal team was supposed to give a conference about STEM education to the participants,but we had coordination problems.We made this conference when the partners went back their countries.

      And also,the last day Visiting 'Tagus Gás Cartaxo' factory certified by BREEAM.After structured visits the host school organized,the teachers can see the importance of technology in our daily lives and how sustainability measures have been applied in the materials, energy efficiency, water saving and air pollution.Knowing that the topic is working in other countries where can find similar or different problems, give the participants different perspectives and broadens their horizon.

     Except from the workshop for teachers,another main purpose of this meeting is to ensure the legal framework of the project, discussing pre-needed arrangements for the next activities.

    The partner countries also checked the "GoogleDrive" together to be sure whether the needed documents were uploaded or reachable.So, the teachers can work more organised, punctual and reach each educational document at the same time.