Fatih Anadolu Lisesi (Afyon)


       Fatih High School was built with 16 classrooms in 1987 in Afyonkarahisar. Today there are 637
    students, 43 teachers,1 principal and 2 assistant principal in our school. Under the constant encouragement and creative guidance of 
    the teachers, Fatih High School aims to provide a progressive approach and commitment to excellence in education.



      Education approach for students in STEM and Robotic Coding has received increasing attention over the past decade.Our school belives the benefits of STEM education assist to make students become better problem solvers, self-reliant, innovators, creators, logical thinkers and technologically literate.

      STEM and Roboting Coding also plays an important role in education not only developed countries in the world but also developing ones in Europe; especially, Turkey.Turkey's first factory producing human-like robots was established last year but still we do not have enough people having relevant skills and knowledge.For this reason, we must prepare our students for the future labor market,developing their skills in such a very important subject of this phenomena of globalization.

      The "MET" inside project will be a tool for our school to magnify the intenationalization of its knowledge, experience and potential, immersing the contributions of the social issues and business in the development of the project’s activities.