Mobility in Greece -Thessaloniki 2019


    11th  Νovember, 2019

    Students and teachers from Cyprus, Lithuania and Romania visit Mandoulides Schools as part of the ERASMUS+ program “FuturEU Students as Transmitters of Cultural Heritage”


    From 11 to 16 November, 2019 Mandoulides Schools received a group of Erasmus+ KA2 partner school teachers and students, as part of the program “FuturEU students as transmitters of cultural heritage”.


    The group was welcomed to the Cultural Center of our school by program coordinator Mrs. O. Dantsi and Junior High School Principal Mrs. F. Bathrellou. Afterwards, they watched journalist K. Bliatka’s documentary “Thessaloniki - The Treasures of UNESCO” and the ceremony ended with the participation of Mandoulides choir and orchestra.


    In the afternoon, the students presented their projects on “Traditional Games” and “Mythology”. After the end of the presentations, students and teachers participated in a traditional dance workshop under the guidance of teacher Ms. Fotini Gkiouna. The first day of our meeting in Thessaloniki ended with traditional games in the yard of the Schools.

    12th November, 2019

    Culture and taste in Thessaloniki


    During their visit to Thessaloniki, the students were guided around monuments, places of cultural interest and the central markets of Thessaloniki. They tasted traditional delicacies of our city and then visited the “Averof” pastry shop, where they kneaded traditional tsoureki and baked kourabiedes. Our tour ended with a walk along the New Waterfront (Nea Paralia).


    13th November, 2019

    Erasmus and social contribution. Visit to ELEPAP


    The third day of our partners’ visit was dedicated to charity and assistance to fellow human beings.

    The students helped prepare the items intended for sale at the charity Christmas Bazaar of the Schools and then they visited ELEPAP, where they played and sang with the children that are hosted at the institution.

    In the afternoon of the same day, the students prepared their presentations in the IT lab while the teachers participated in a training seminar on “Microsoft Education Tools”.


    14th November, 2019

    Educational activities with Microsoft tools

    The day began with a visit to the interactive exhibition “The 12 Olympians” and continued at the Schools, where students presented their projects using the Microsoft Sway application. Finally, the visiting students and teachers attended 7th Grade English lessons.


    15th November 2019

    Getting to know the history of Macedonia

    The last day of the visit was dedicated to our partners’ acquaintance with the wider region of Macedonia. We visited Aigai and the Royal Tombs in Vergina, and relaxed with a walk and a lunch in Agios Nikolaos and Veria.

    Upon our arrival in Thessaloniki, we said goodbye to our visitors in the hope that our shared experiences and their acquaintance with the cultural heritage of our land will make them the best ambassadors of our culture in their country, thus confirming the title of our program: “FuturEU Students as Transmitters of Cultural Heritage”.



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