• Mandoulides Schools


    Mandoulides Schools is a modern and dynamic educational, sports, and cultural community that is renowned throughout Greece.

    The Schools include
    Day Care Center, Kindergarten, Elementary School, Junior - Senior High School, Counseling and Studies Abroad Center.


    • 1978: the Kindergarten and Elementary School are founded.
    • 1991: the Junior - Senior High School is founded.
    • 2002: the 2nd Kindergarten and 2nd Elementary School are founded.
    • 2002: the 2nd Junior - Senior High School is founded.
    • 2007: the Day Care Center is founded.

    The Schools feature:

    Indoor areas
    Classrooms with up-to-date infrastructure and modern technology; Physics, Chemistry, Biology, and Computer Science laboratories and other spaces for specialized courses; libraries; health centers

    Outdoor areas
    Playgrounds, activities park, zoo, vegetable garden, guard post

    School life in our schools

    Is pursued in up-to-date buildings with impressive equipment in total harmony with the Schools’ modern pedagogic objectives and with respect towards the environment.

    Is organized with a curriculum consisting of:

    • The main compulsory curriculum of the Ministry of Education in accordance with applicable law.
    • Its enrichment, which aims at the deeper learning of subjects and skills and is mandatory.
    • School activities, occasional and/or seasonal, optional or not.
    • Optional educational, cultural, recreational or sports activities beyond the teaching hours and/or days of the main curriculum (e.g. summer programs).
    • After school child care services for students until their departure.

    Is ensured following the advice of distinguished educators who introduce innovations, establish progressive programs, cultivate capabilities in students and lead them towards achieving their goals.

    Is augmented with additional teaching hours allocated for core subjects: Greek language, Mathematics, Physics, and Computer Science; foreign languages: English, French, and German; as well as with programs after school.

    Is enriched by the ardent cultivation of culture and sports. The awards and honorable mentions, gained by groups of students who enjoy special instruction and coaching at Mandoulides Schools, bear witness to the quality of work being carried out here.

    Flourishes within a wide range of activities and pioneering programs such as: Flipped Classroom, Watch & Learn, Case Studies, student clubs, participation in international educational conferences and European programs, cooperation with schools abroad, literary and environmental projects, community support programs (volunteering, blood donation, etc.), as well as training seminars and advisory sessions for parents.

    Is nurtured by a range of optional activities after school: classes in English, French and German, Computer Science, Robotics, Ballet, Modern Dance, Art, Tae Kwon Do, as well as Basketball, Soccer, Girls' Volleyball, Tennis, Swimming and Skiing academies.

    Extends into the summer months with educational and sports programs for children of Thessaloniki.

    Is supported by expert medical and professional personnel (psychologist, speech therapist, pediatrician, dentist, eye specialist, gynecologist, urologist, etc.) to address possible health needs and ensure that parents are fully informed.

    Culminates every year with our graduating students taking up places in the most prestigious universities in Greece, Europe and the United States, while gaining awards in International Olympiads in Mathematics, Informatics, Biology, Physics, and Astronomy & Astrophysics, as well as in international competitions in Language, Arts, and Sports.