2nd Mobility in Greece - November 2019 (Learning, Teaching and Training Activities)


    Our Presentations regarding "Myths and Legends" (1) and "Traditional Games" (2). They had to prepare them well before our trip to Thessaloniki but they had the chance to have one last look at the hotel. A well-focused team working all together in order to have the best result possible! Well done, kids! 

    Traditional Games.mp4


    Our student Ioanna Kyrmizi prepared this amazing drawing and offered it to the Greek Team as an appreciation of their lovely hospitality. 


    Our students Emily Diola and Ioanna Kyrmizi had the opportunity to sing two traditional songs widely known in Cyprus, “Triantafylleni - Rose Lady” and “Chrysoprasino Fyllo – GreenGolden Leaf”, which the latter was one of ELEPAP kids’ favorite songs. It was a touching moment for all of us but at the same time so fulfilling and the happiest of all!



    The students of our Erasmus team prepared a presentation about the traditional games that they play in Greece and a Prezi about the Legends of our country. 

    We played the games in the school yard and the following days we visited an exhibition about the Olympus Gods.