TOWARDS our 1st Mobility in Lithuania (November 2018-April 2019)


    Before our first mobility we came up with a cahoot game which was used as part of our selection procedure along with the criteria set by each school. It was comprised of questions about the 4 participating countries and it was a wonderful way to get to know our partners.

    Cahoot Game

    cahoot game.pdf



    On the 5th November the contest for the logo of our project was announced.


    Lilija Dziumajeva

    11/2018 Selection of the students for participating in the project activities according to Alytus Panemunes progimnazija criteria for the students' selection for participating in "Erasmus+" projects.


    12/2018 - 01/2019 Project Logo Contest at Alytaus Panemunes progimnazija, Lithuania


    12/2018 Charity events at Alytus Panemunes progimnazija, Lithuania

    In December, 2018 Students' Council of Alytaus  Panemunes progimnazija organized a charity event raising money and donating some food for the dogs sanctuary "Nuaras". The raising of the money was organized in two steps. First, a large decorated box was placed in the school hall and deposit plactic bottles brought by our school students and teachers were collected in it. Later, they were taken to the reverse vending machines and sold there. For the second step the School Students' Council held "The Movie Evening" at the school library. Students set the entrance fee of 0,5 Eur. As a result, using the raised money, students bought several food bags and donated them to the dogs' sanctuary "Nuaras".

    12/2018 Also, together with some choirs from other Alytus town schools, our school choir "Ausra" participated in the charity concert given to orphan children living at Alytus Children Care Home.


    The programme of the first mobility in Lithuania:

    ERASMUS+Programme of the mobility.docx