Mobility in Greece - November 2019

  • Erasmus+ Project FESTECH

    “FuturEU Students as Transmitters of Cultural Heritage”

    visits Thessaloniki

    10-16 November 2019


    Cyprus Erasmus+ team, comprised of six students and two teachers, travelled to Thessaloniki for the fulfillment of the project’s second mobility. Thessaloniki, also known as the co-capital or cultural capital of Greece and Mandoulides Schools were our hosts for the dates 10-16 November 2019, proving once again that Greek hospitality is legendary!  

    Day 1: Welcoming activities

    The teachers and students of Mandoulides Schools reserved a warm welcome for all of us by having prepared enjoyable activities such as a dance workshop, performance by the school choir and orchestra and the showing of an insightful documentary on the city’s history and culture. The day continued with presentations of the myths and traditional games by the students of each partner country. Our team’s presentation focused on Aphrodite, the Greek goddess of beauty and love, also know as the “Cyprian”, because of her birth in Paphos, Cyprus. The meaning of the name Aphrodite is said to be “arisen from the foam”. Their second presentation was structured around two popular Cypriot traditional games, Mantili and Ziziros. Both of these games were highly appreciated and all the students played along for quite a long time at the school’s playground.

    Day 2: Exploring the city on foot

    On the second day, the four groups from Cyprus, Greece, Lithuania and Romania had the opportunity to experience the beauty and treasures of the city that hosted the second mobility of our Erasmus+ project. The five-hour long walking tour gave us the chance to dive into the history of the city by visiting some of the most important landmarks and sights the history of which goes back to 315 BC but also taste its traditional delicacies. Finally, the students took on an active role during our visit to a local pastry shop called “Averof” where they learned and practiced how to make 'tsoureki' and 'kourabiedes'.

    Day 3: Visiting ELEPAP and Panorama Town Hall, Activities at school

    Our third day in Thessaloniki started by visiting the school for an arts and crafts lesson for the students, while the teachers held a meeting to discuss the future activities which are required for the successful development of the project. Next on schedule was a visit to ELEPAP, a rehabilitation center for children and adults with physical and/or developmental disabilities, where we spent some time interacting with the children and adults who take part in the programmes of holistic intervention that the center offers. Students from the Cypriot team had the opportunity to sing two traditional songs widely known in Cyprus, “Triantafylleni” and “Chrysoprasino Fyllo – GreenGolden Leaf”, which the latter was one of ELEPAP kids’ favorite songs. It was a touching moment for all of us but at the same time so fulfilling and the happiest of all!

    Our next stop was the town hall of Panorama where we were greeted and shown around by members of the municipal council. After returning to school, the students participated in computer lab activities while the teachers watched an interesting presentation on how to use the Microsoft tool SWAY.

    Day 4: Visiting Interactive Exhibition and lesson observation, Farewell dinner

    The Erasmus+ students and teachers visited the Thessaloniki International Fair where the interactive exhibition of Gods of Olympus was being held. Next, we were transported to the school where the students presented the work that they had prepared the previous day via Sway Microsoft tool, on topics such as the history of Thessaloniki, traditional food and activities the students were engaged with during the mobility. Afterwards, we were divided into groups and attended English classes which gave us an insight into the educational system in Greece. The focal point of the day, however, was the farewell dinner at a seaside restaurant, with the exchange of gifts among the partners taking place, but also some beautiful songs sung by our students.

    Day 5: Visit to Vergina and nearby towns

    The final day of our visit to Thessaloniki was all about cultural heritage, the main focus of our project. Vergina, the final resting place of King Philip II, the father of Great Alexander, was our first stop of today's trip. The funeral of Philip II in 336 BC was performed, as imposed by tradition, in Aigai. It was the most lavish funeral ceremony of the historic times held in Greece and we had the opportunity to admire the findings inside the tomb and learn the history behind them. Our next stop was in Ayios Nikolaos recreational center, where we stopped for lunch and of course to take some pictures with the amazing scenery in the background. A short stop at Veroia for some coffee and to taste the local sweet 'revani' was the final part of our trip.

    Another mobility has reached its end. For a second time we said goodbye to friends, old and new, with the promise to meet again soon. Erasmus+ has worked its miracle once more. It has brought people of different background, culture, language and religion close to produce fruits and discover the blessings of togetherness, unity and working for a common purpose.                                                                                  

    Written by Athanasiou Styliana and Violari Sophia.


    We present you our Erasmus+ team participating in the second mobility of our Project, in the greek city of Thessaloniki!