Mobility in Lithuania




    Six students and two accompanying teachers from Mandoulides Schols visited the city of Alytus, Lithuania, as part of the European Program “Erasmus+ KA2” from 29 March to 4 April.

    The aim of the program was the formation of strategic partnerships amongst schools and the exchange of good practices. The program entitled “FuturEU students as transmitters of cultural heritage” aims to foster students’ tolerance and intercultural sensitivity so that they can coexist both in and out of school with children from different cultural backgrounds.

    After a warm welcome from the dance club of the host school with traditional Lithuanian dances, all delegations had the opportunity to tour the school premises (museum, sports center, library, classrooms).

    Each partner school presented their country of origin and their Easter customs. There was also a Lithuanian language presentation and a logo competition. A video with material (photos, texts, maps) that was collected during the activity “Discover the City of Alytus” was created and presented in the IT lab.

    The students then met with the mayor and the head of the department of education and culture at the city hall. They also visited Alytus Mountain and White Rose Bridge, the highest pedestrian and bicycle bridge in Eastern Europe.

    An official tourist guide gave the students a tour around the Lithuanian capital, Vilnius, where they visited the Grand Duke's palace and Gediminas Hill, as well as spa town, Birstonas.

    Finally, a number of experiential workshops (traditional butter production, traditional Lithuanian recipes with potatoes, Easter Egg decoration, wood sculpture) completed the visit in an ideal way.


    Class observations


    Visit to the Town Hall

    Egg painting workshop

    School activities

    Visiting the Museum