Learning, Teaching and Training Activities - Tasks and Responsibilities

  • As stated in our Application Form submitted for approval on March 2018.

    Effective communication between all partners is flourished when all project’s tasks/responsibilities are assigned to all participants in a fair and balanced way,so everyone in the team will feel respected,equally treated and committed to collaborate efficiently.Via email,Skype and eTwinning platform,we will ensure sound management of the project,fruitful cooperation and efficient communication between all partners during and after its implementation.All partners will be involved in the planned activities since there going to be 5 transnational meetings:4 short-term students’ exchanges and 1 short-term staff-training in Romania.Poland school will be responsible for hosting the 1st pupils mobility and during this transnational meeting tasks/responsibilities will be discussed and thoroughly allocated to all partner schools.Having ICT Technology as area of expertise Poland school will be also responsible for collecting all initial data from the planned activities and events and
    share them on our eTwinning group.Cyprus school,besides being one of the 5 teams participating directly,will be also the project’s coordinator by:1.informing all partners about contractual obligations so that everybody will be fully aware of the project’s legal framework,2.keeping a project diary and all important documentation,3.supervising and aiming at ensuring compliance with the project’s objectives by including current monitoring(evaluating the effectiveness of particular tasks/methods and budget)and final control(evaluating all achieved objectives and project outcomes).Cyprus will
    also host the last transnational meeting.Greek school will be responsible for sharing their ideas and experiences about active citizenship and volunteerism actions and developing an action plan for promoting participation and contribution in the school and local community.Lithuanian school will be responsible for establishing an evaluation team,which will provide all necessary tools for evaluating regularly and efficiently the realization of activities and project’s outcomes.Romanian school will be
    responsible for offering a training workshop to teachers on Cultural Tradition Research at local and European level.All 5 partners shall:1.establish an Erasmus+ team coordinated by a key person.Each school’s coordinator will monitor the distribution and development of tasks between the teachers and students,hold regular meetings with everyone involved,will have the responsibility of disseminating the products at local level,contact the project’s coordinator and partners regularly and be able to manage all celebrating events,2.provide a report every 3 months in which they will describe and
    evaluate their work progress and explain the methodologies used during the project’s
    implementation,3.inform the project’s coordinator about any additional and unplanned
    events,4.ensure proper budget and time management in accordance with the agreed time schedule of our project plan.